10-11 June 2019, Palacio Municipal de Congresos de Madrid, Spain

Energy Innovation Zones

Iberia Gas & LNG 2019 brings our visitors a unique, interactive and educational visitor experience that will immerse them in the future for clean and efficient energy systems.

Driving awareness and collaboration between technical and commercial professionals working with gas, LNG and carbon-neutral energies to create a cleaner, more sustainable, more efficient energy ecosystem for everyone’s benefit.

These zones will create a collaborative, engaging and fulfilling experience completely different to anything seen at an energy exhibition previously. Break the mould – make attending events worthwhile again.

The Hydrogen Fuel Zone
  • Hydrogen Production Developments
  • Hydrogen Storage, Handling and Distribution
  • Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles & Refuelling
  • Fuel Cell Stacks, Components, Systems
  • Future for Hydrogen in Air, Maritime, Rail Transport
The Efficient, Innovative
EPC of the Future Zone
  • Driving Efficiency Across the Supply Chain
  • Improving Project Delivery Capabilities
  • Digitalisation of Operations
  • Improved Safety & Risk Applications
  • Breaking Out of Silos: Collaboration to Drive Down Costs
LNG in Transportation Zone
  • Development of Small-Scale Infrastructure & Bunkering Projects
  • Small-scale Distribution for LNG to Power
  • Engineering an LNG-Friendly Transportation System
  • Engine & Propulsion Technology: Onshore & Offshore Innovations
  • Development of LNG Trucking, Trains and Rail Transport
The Gas & Renewables
Cooperation Zone
  • Biomass Gasification & Power-to-Gas Opportunities
  • Convergence of Power and Gas Infrastructures
  • Power-to-Gas Technology Advances
  • Cryogenic Upgrading & Liquefaction
  • Project Case Studies and New Cooperative Partnerships
Building the Future Energy Workforce Zone
  • Attracting & Retaining Young Professionals into the Gas & LNG Industry
  • “Widening the Net” – Diversifying the Workforce, Capturing the Best Talent
  • A Career In… Showcasing Working Disciplines Across the Gas & LNG Sectors
  • “Where in the World?” Highlighting Global Career Paths & Journeys
  • “This is How We Do It” Local and International Companies Sharing Best-Practices in People Development
The Artificial Intelligence & Automation Zone
  • Optimising Processes through Application of Advanced Technologies
  • Examining AI Integration within New Energy Ecosystems
  • Automation Cost-Efficiencies for the Gas & LNG Sectors
  • “Where to Next?” What Could AI Achieve for Engineers and Project Developers by 2030?
  • Digital Transformation Opportunities for Energy Technology Professionals
Be Part of our Thought-Leadership Zones

Connect and engage with thousands of attendees over the two days – participate in one of the Zones and show off what your company can do for the industry.
We can offer three different ways to connect with our audience, namely:

  • A Stand-Alone Presentation of 20 minutes to demonstrate a great working case study or application of a product or method your company wants to publicly share.
  • Interactive Ownership of a Session – 60 minutes to truly drive a message, product or concept to the visitors. Immerse them with hands-on demonstrations, video, interactive learning, sustained educational discussion: be as creative as you want!
  • Your company takes ownership of a Zone for the day: sponsor one of the Zones, take total ownership of a session and work with us to build out a day of amazing interactive content, education and experiential knowledge-sharing. This provides your company with a ‘blank canvass’ to develop something really special over the course of a day.

Contact Gavin Sutcliffe at gavinsutcliffe@dmgevents.co.uk or call +44 (0)7810 003125

Book a Stand

The floorplan will shortly be live. Please make any enquiries to connect@praxisevents.co.uk